Feeling the heat? Breathe easier, sweat less, sleep better

Feeling the heat? Breathe easier, sweat less, sleep better

Struggling with night sweats? Choosing quality organic sheets will ensure you stay cooler, as air can circulate much better due to the higher grade, long staple and single ply cotton fibres used to create your bed linen.

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or skin reactions, going organic will dramatically improve your condition. This is because organic cotton uses none of the pesticides or chemicals used in ordinary cotton growing - ingredients that have been linked to severe irritation of the airways, and painful skin complaints like dermatitis and eczema. Furthermore, organic cotton fibres are of a much higher quality, so they are kinder to the skin, and more comfortable to sleep on, helping you get a more satisfying night’s sleep.

Don’t forget the cost factor either. Although you might pay fractionally more initially for organic, it will save you money in the long run as it’s far more durable. Organic Cotton lasts longer than ordinary cotton, and will stay looking and feeling good as new for years after your initial purchase.

There are ethical reasons for switching to organic sheets too.

It’s far easier to ensure a fairer deal for cotton farmers when you purchase organic sheets, since most organic cotton farms work under Fair Trade conditions. If in doubt, look for the certification mark - ‘GOTS’ for Organic and ‘Fairtrade’.

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