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Meet Sleep Organic co-founders Nisa & Chris

 Sleep Organic co-founders

Nisa Shah, co-founder, Sleep Organic

I grew up with the staccato sounds of sewing machines - one of my most cherished childhood memories. To this day it evokes in me a fondness which feels almost therapeutic. My mother stitched clothes and bed linen for all our family and I was a part of this process from a very early age. I used to carry big bundles of cotton to the spinning machine to make it fluffy and fresh for new duvet fillings for the new season - I still remember the earthy odour of cotton. I learnt from mother to buy the best quality produce. My mother and my partner, Chris, always wanted me to do something with cotton as they loved my concept of ethical business. Thus the idea lay in my mind's soil; but being a working mum with three children, it took some time to germinate. I believe the catalyst was the sudden passing of my mother in December 2016. With Chris's support, what emerged from that fertile soil was the birth of Sleep Organic – a company wholly dedicated to top-quality organic, fairtrade bedding – from roots to shoots.


Chris Murphy, co-founder, Sleep Organic

Having spent the past 25 years working as a research scientist, Sleep Organic has been a new and exciting adventure for me. In many ways it seems like a natural progression. As a biologist, I have long been concerned with the impact of non-sustainable, non-organic farming practices on our health - both individual and environmental. Thus, for me, Sleep Organic represents a way of living in harmony with my deepest values - care of ourselves, our children, our wider community and our planet; knowing they are all precious and interdependent.