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Sure do! Shipping and returns in the UK are completely free.

Typically you'll receive your order within 2 working days (48-hour tracked Royal Mail service) for UK orders.

You can cancel a purchase and receive a full refund by emailing us at within 14 days of receipt of your goods. You can also exchange any Sleep Organic product by emailing us within 14 days of receipt of your goods. We aim to issue refunds within 14 days of receiving the returned items. For further details see our full refund policy

Cotton Bedding

Anything above 400 thread count may unnecessarily thicken and compromise the breathability of the fabric. Your bedding also becomes more susceptible to pilling if the thread count is too high. In reality, above 400 thread count you will be paying more for no advantage, and in fact may be reducing the quality and breathability of your bedding. To find that sweet spot for thread count read our blog

Our percale cotton has an equal number of horizontal and vertical threads (in a 'one under-one over' weave). The vertical threads are held under tension when weaving resulting in a delightfully crisp and fresh feel to the fabric. Our sateen cotton has a more silky soft feel due to its 'four over-one under' relaxed weave.

Organic cotton is cotton that has been grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. Before a farm can be certified as 'Organic', it has to grow cotton organically for a minimum period of 3 years to ensure that all traces of chemicals and pesticides are removed from its soil and environment. Natural fertilizers and fertilizing techniques are used instead, including compost, manure, naturally derived mineral and plant fertilizers, and crop rotation. Third-party organic certification is done by organizations that verify that organic producers employ only approved natural methods and materials in organic production according to strictly enforced international standards. At Sleep Organic all of our bedding is certified 100% organic by Soil Association (to the Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS).

Brushed cotton is a woven fabric and the brushing process results in a soft pile that feels warm and cosy. Typically mattress protectors and pillow protectors are made with brushed cotton. Flannelette is actually brushed on both sides, whereas brushed cotton is brushed on the outside only, making it more breathable than flannelette.

Hotels typically use percale cotton in their bedding. Percale cotton is a particularly durable fabric with a crisp and smooth feel giving a pristine fresh look time and again.

Wool Bedding

Organic wool is hypoallergenic. It is sometimes claimed that wool causes allergies. However, it is important to note non-organic commercial wool is highly processed with a cocktail of toxic chemicals and the resultant damaged fibres feel brittle and can cause irritation to the skin, particularly those with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema. This is not the case for truly organic (i.e. GOTS-certified) wool which completely avoids toxic chemical treatment. Organic wool is softer - you can literally feel the difference. A waxy material called lanolin which protects wool fibres in nature can cause skin irritation in some, but it is largely removed in the scouring process of wool preparation. In addition, at Sleep Organic, our wool duvets and pillows are encased in sumptuously soft organic cotton, so the wool fibres don’t come into direct contact with your skin. Want to know more?

No and never! All of our bedding is certified organic and is completely free from toxic or harsh chemicals including fire retardants. Organic Wool, in fact, is a very efficient natural fire retardant.

Pillows are not used in cots as under 2 year old children are not recommended to sleep on a pillow. We do provide cot bed pillows (60x40cm) suitable for older children. 

Certainly! See our organic wool kid's duvets here

Gift Cards

We sure do! Our electronic gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. What's more, there's no additional processing fees.

Our gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Organic & Fairtrade

As it uses no toxic chemicals or fertilisers, the growth and harvest of organic cotton is good for the environment and the farmers and workers involved in its production. Moreover, organic bedding is incredibly comfortable – you can really feel the difference. Organic bedding is also be better for your health. Residual chemicals in 'normal' (non-organic) bedding have the potential to cause skin irritation and other respiratory and skin issues. To read more on the health benefits of organic bedding, see our blog

Cotton is one of the most important textile fibre crops, and a hugely important agricultural product. But the way things stand, many injustices and inequalities mean that workers, and the environment, often suffer to make the clothing, bedding and other textiles we use. Fairtrade directly tackles these injustices and ensures a better deal for cotton farm workers who rely on their wages to feed their families. When you shop at Sleep Organic, you have peace of mind that all our organic cotton bedding is also Fairtrade certified from farmer to finished product. To find out more about Fairtrade cotton read our blog


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