Why is Organic Bedding Better for the Planet?

Why is Organic Bedding Better for the Planet?

Choosing sustainable bedding like the 100% organic cotton, Fairtrade certified bedding from Sleep Organic is something you can do to make our world a better, fairer place. Sustainable bedding is better for the planet for a wide range of reasons. Here are just some of the reasons why making this choice means a better world for all:


Buying Organic Cotton Bedding Reduces Carbon Emissions

Globally, the cotton trade is responsible for high carbon emissions. Whereas CO2 emissions per hectare of organic agriculture systems are 48 to 66 percent lower than in conventional systems. So choosing organic cotton bedding is one way to lower your carbon footprint. What is more, organic farms can use sustainable methods and practices to not just reduce emissions, but also increase how much carbon is sequestered. So they can play a key role in combating our climate crisis. By choosing organic cotton sheets, you can support those sustainable farmers in this crucial drawdown work.


Organic Farming Combats Unsustainable Systems

Synthetic or non-organic cotton bedding comes at a great cost to the environment. Looking beyond carbon emissions, choosing sustainable bedding can also help us combat other problems which lead to unsustainable systems. 

For example, one way choosing organic cotton makes the world better is by reducing unequal and non-sustainable freshwater use. Sustainable cotton production uses less water than conventional production and avoids pollution. The water pollution impact of organic cotton has been shown to be 98% less than standard cotton production.

Water is not the only issue. Degradation of soils is also a crucial issue. If soil loss continues at present rates, in some parts of the world, soils may no longer provide us with harvests within our lifetimes. Measures such as crop rotation (with wheat, corn and soybeans), and conservation tillage (reduced tillage or no tillage) on organic cotton farms help to protect the soil, and are, in part, responsible for the reduction in environmental impacts such as soil loss. 


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Organic Cotton Farming Fights Against Biodiversity Losses

One of the major problems in the non-organic cotton industry is the use of pesticides and herbicides which have a dramatic impact on ecosystems and wildlife. Regular cotton uses more of these than any other farmed plant. Cotton accounts for 16% of global insecticide releases – more than any other single crop. By supporting fully organic cotton production, which uses zero chemical pesticides or herbicides, we can help counter ecosystem degradation and biodiversity losses in a meaningful manner. 

Tackling biodiversity loss is just as important as reducing greenhouse gases – and like global warming, biodiversity losses pose an existential threat. Choosing sustainable organic bedding is just one small step we can take to aid in tackling this problem for the future of humanity and all life on this planet. 


Sustainable Cotton Production and Processing Cares for People

Of course, what is good for the environment is good – in fact essential - for people. But beyond looking at how choosing sustainable bedding impacts the environment, we can also see that choosing sustainable bedding is the right thing for those who work in the industry, and for those who use the bedding in question.

Choosing Fairtrade cotton bedding made with organic fibres means that you can rest easy knowing that individuals were not harmed on farms or in factories. You will know that workers were treated well and paid a fair wage. And of course this helps make our world a better, fairer place, and combats social injustices. 


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Communities Thrive When Consumers Make Sustainable Bedding Choices

It is not just individuals who benefit when we choose sustainable bedding. Thriving cotton farms and sustainable factories can be at the heart of sustainable communities – providing employment and generally raising the quality of living for all those involved, and for the broader communities which surround them. 

Sustainable bedding is better for the world in so many ways. Make a commitment to purchase organic bedding and in so doing become part of the solution rather than part of the problem by enabling the transition to a greener, fairer, better world.

Nisa Shah, co-Founder Sleep Organic

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