Saving our planet, sheet by sheet

Saving our planet, sheet by sheet

You only get one life, and we only get one planet, so doesn’t it makes sense to ensure both are in tiptop health?

Your health and our planet’s wellbeing should be a top priority whenever you shop, after all both of those things are irreplaceable. But though almost everyone has heard about the myriad benefits of organic food, not everyone realises the importance of choosing organic cotton bedding just yet.

Farming organic cotton requires less water than normal industrial cotton farming, due to the superior filtration system in the soil caused by the presence of dense organic matter.

As Organic cotton farming does not use harmful pesticides, it prevents noxious chemicals and toxins from entering the biosphere and polluting our atmosphere and water. It also protects cotton worker’s health by limiting their exposure to harmful substances, such as those contained in fertilisers, as well as other dangerous pollutants normally used in industrial cotton farming.

Top five reasons you should make the switch to organic cotton sheets

  • Save your and your family's health - as no harmful pesticides and chemicals are used in the manufacture of Organic Cotton, it’s better for your wellbeing
  • Save the soil, ecosystem and the environment – Organic Cotton farming uses no damaging chemicals and pesticides so can’t poison our precious planet
  • Save water - Organic cotton farming requires less water as the soil retains water more efficiently due to the way organic matter filtrates
  • Save the farmer – shopping for organic bedding ensures fairer wages for cotton workers as much of the organic farming community works to Fair Trade standards
  • Save your budget – buying organic linen will save you money in the long run as it’s far more durable

Opting for organic produce is the smarter choice in general, whatever you’re buying, as organic products are free of additives, known skin irritants, harmful pesticides, and poisons that are all severely detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

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