Why Should You Sleep Organic?

Why Should You Sleep Organic?

You spend approximately 8 hours in your bed linen, fully wrapped around and hugging it, loving it! It’s a very intimate and personal space in your daily life. You surrender yourself to the care of your bed for the whole night!

It is true that conscious eating is growing - organic good consumption is on the rise. More and more people know about health benefits of buying organic food and using organic cleaning products.

And now Organic fabric is getting popular faster than ever too!


People are getting to know that ‘Non-Organic Cotton’ contains chemicals such as formaldehyde, azo dyes, dioxin, and heavy metals. Some of them are residues from the production, and some are added to give fabric unnatural characteristics, for instance, wrinkle resistance, shrinkage resistance, fast colours etc. These chemicals are designed ‘NOT to WASH OUT’ in the fabric’s lifetime – even when the fabric is discarded and degrades, these chemical won’t leave us, they will be released into our soil and environment! Let’s not choose them in the first place.

Currently, only less than one percent of all cotton grown is organic! Shocking, but as more and more of us will buy organic cotton the production of organic fabric will rise and the benefits are universal!

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