Why You Should Invest In Wool Pillows

Why You Should Invest In Wool Pillows

While there are numerous serviceable feather or synthetic pillows available, nothing compares to the freshness, comfort and breathability of wool pillows, making them a luxury well worth investing in. 

On average, we spend a third of their lives in bed, so making sure it is as comfortable as possible should be a priority. Part of this comfort comes down to choosing a pillow that’s right for you. As no one wants to wake up with a stiff neck, the perfect pillow needs to provide neck and spinal support while still being comfortable and helping you to relax.


Benefits of wool pillows

Organic wool filled pillows have all the benefits that natural wool has to offer without the addition of harsh fixatives and chemicals found in 'conventional' bedding. Not only are they a great natural alternative, but wool pillows offer additional benefits to help encourage a good night’s sleep.


Having an uncomfortable pillow means that some nights it can feel like you’re either sleeping on cardboard or rocks. With an uncomfortable pillow, it’s more than likely you will spend a frustrating few hours tossing and turning before falling asleep. Having an uncomfortable pillow can raise your stress levels by increasing muscle tension and decreasing blood flow, meaning your brain becomes overactive – not ideal when you’re trying to get your recommended eight hours!

However, the coiled structure of wool fibres makes the pillows more resilient and allows them to be stretched out without losing their form. Thus wool pillows cradle your head and prevent tossing and turning. What's more, unlike other types of pillows which can clump up over time and become lumpy, wool pillows generally retain their bounce and shape meaning they stay comfortable for longer without clumping. 


We’ve all experienced mornings where you wake up with something important to do, but your face is covered with creases from your pillow and your eyes have been reduced to slits thanks to puffiness. 

The moisture-wicking properties of wool means that air can flow more easily preventing that clammy feeling around your head while you sleep. Not only can this help you wake up looking refreshed, but it also helps with temperature regulation, giving you a sounder night’s sleep generally.

Temperature regulation

When we hear the word ‘wool’ typically we think ‘warm’. However, wool has a breathable quality that means it can absorb moisture better than other materials. These breathable qualities also encourage better airflow which helps to maintain your body’s overall temperature and reduce the chance of night sweats

They’re hypoallergenic

Because synthetic pillows are treated with chemicals and processed to be flame and mould resistant, they often contain substances that can exacerbate allergies or health conditions. Organic wool on the other hand is an easily accessible, natural, and a non-toxic material that is perfect for people who want something different from hypoallergenic bedding. 

Environmentally friendly

We all sleep a little sounder when we’ve done something good for someone else. Not only can wool be naturally obtained, but it’s also biodegradable. Because it doesn’t require processing in the same way that other pillow materials do, a wool filling is a good choice for the planet. 

At Sleep Organic, all our wool pillows are filled with organic British wool and encased in unbleached organic cotton, so you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable and environmentally friendly night’s sleep.

They’re resistant to mould and dust mites 

A mouldy or dust mite filled pillow is the stuff of nightmares, especially for allergy sufferers. Sadly, however, these pillow horror stories can be more common than you think. Fortunately, the moisture-wicking properties of wool and the microscopic bristles and lanolin of its fibres create an unfavourable environment for dust mites and other unwelcome microbes. 


Do wool pillows compress?

Naturally, wool pillows will compress slightly during the first few months of use. However, once the wool has settled it remains incredibly resilient and can maintain its shape better than most pillow types. 


Why are wool pillows good for toddlers?

The benefits of wool pillows aren’t just limited to adults. Helping your toddler get the best night’s sleep possible is crucial for them and you. 

Choosing organic and environmentally friendly bedding such as cot bed pillow helps to protect their skin, and the breathability of wool can help toddlers regulate their temperature during the night, aiding a sounder sleep.

If you’re keen to banish nights spent staring at the ceiling until the small hours, wool pillows are well worth looking into. Known for being soft and comfortable, wool has many additional properties which make it an excellent choice for pillows and a great way to ensure a wonderful night’s sleep. 

If you’re interested in the benefits and keen to try a wool pillow for yourself, Sleep Organic has a range of sizes available. Start browsing our luxury handmade pillows here.

Chris Murphy, PhD, co-founder Sleep Organic

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