Christmas Bedroom Décor

Christmas Bedroom Décor

If you want to bring Christmas cheer into your home – don't just begin and end with decorations in your living room. It can be uplifting to bring that festive feeling into your bedroom with stylish white organic and Fairtrade bedding.

And the bedroom décor and other finishing touches can be truly eco-friendly and sustainable too. Decorate your bedroom for Christmas the Sleep Organic way, and you will definitely be on Father Christmas' 'nice' list this year.


Calming Classic Christmas Bedding

New bedding can be just what you need to set the right tone over the holiday period. And Sleep Organic's 100% organic cotton, Fairtrade options would put anyone in the right mood.

The classic crisp white duvet sets, sheets and pillowcases are as pure as the driven snow. Giving anyone who sleeps in them pleasant dreams of a white Christmas, these simple, classic options are also as pure as can be in ethical and environmental terms.

Another excellent eco option that will look at home with the traditional reds and greens and golds of Christmas are the options with double cord line embroidery in emerald green or regal gold.


Create a Yule Tide Retreat

With clean, pure organic bedding, and some other natural touches, your bedroom can become a haven from crazy Christmas chaos. The white bedding will look great with the greens of living plants, or cut foliage brought in from your garden. Perhaps some dried flowers too, could add to the calming Christmas look.

Add some natural greenery from your garden, or some living plants, and you can have a pure, clean relaxing look perfect for a relaxing Yule tide retreat.

Sling up some LED fairy lights above your bed, or thread them between your houseplants, and you can feel like you are nestled in snow in a crisp and cool winter's night – looking up at the stars.

 Bring in some gleaning golden accents, and some strings of red berries or something similar to complete the Christmas magic.



Festive Fun for Slumbering Tots

One classic symbol of Christmas is of course the robin red-breast. And you will find this charming little Christmas visitor on Sleep Organic's cot bed duvet cover set and cot duvet cover.

This understated and charming flash of red on pure white, sustainable bedding will look great year round, but can be charming as part of a bedroom which has been decorated for the Christmas period.

You can have a lot of fun finding ways to add other little Christmassy touches to a nursery or a child's room. Decorating for Christmas can be just as sustainable as the bedding you choose.

Why not make a Christmas mobile, for example, to hang above the cot bed or cot, using natural or reclaimed materials. Make a Christmas collage, or a nativity scene using items from the garden, and things that might otherwise have been thrown away.

Another cool idea is to make your own Christmas stockings, to be hung at the end of the cot or the bed, for Father Christmas or Santa Claus to fill with eco-friendly gifts on Christmas morning.

If you use your imagination, you will find plenty of ways to add magical touches that give you and your kids that festive feeling, and complete your Christmas bedroom décor without costing the earth.

Choose Sleep Organic's beautiful organic bedding to complement your festive décor. This is a great way to send good will to all this Christmas. 

Nisa Shah, co-founder Sleep Organic

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