How to Fit a Fitted Sheet

How to Fit a Fitted Sheet

 Fitted or Flat Sheets?

One of the decisions you will have to make when choosing bedding is whether you would like a flat or a fitted sheet. If you have never used a fitted sheet before, you may wonder what the difference is between a fitted sheet and a flat bed sheet. You may also be wondering why choosing a fitted sheet could be a good idea, and how to use one correctly.

In this article, we'll take a brief took at these topics, so you feel happy about choosing a fitted sheet, and have all the information you need to get started when using a fitted sheet for the first time.


What is a Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet has sewn-in elasticated edges. This means that it will fit snugly over the mattress on your bed and will not shift or move as easily during the night. These sheets are commonly used as the base layer of bedding – covering the mattress, sometimes with a mattress protector beneath.


Why Choose a Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet can be a good choice, both for your own comfort and ease, and for sustainability.

Fitted sheets are beneficial for you because, since they will not shift around as much as a non-fitted sheet during the night, they can prevent wrinkles in your bed which can cause discomfort. They can help to ensure that you are sleeping on a smooth and comfortable surface, and that you get a better night's sleep.

Fitted sheets are also easier to put onto your bed, and easier to change/remove when required. There is no need to learn how to do tricky corner folds to ensure a good bedding fit. And when laundry day rolls around, just hold one of the corners and you will find it very easy to loosen and remove it from your bed.

If you choose a fitted sheet which is 100% organic cotton, this can also be a good choice when it comes to the environment. Fitted sheets won't slip and expose your mattress during the night. And this can make your mattress last longer. For sustainability, it is important to make sure that you not only choose the right eco-friendly bedding, but also take steps to keep your bedding and mattress in good repair for as long as possible. A fitted sheet may help you to do so.

Another interesting benefit of fitted sheets to consider is that they can come in handy on a trip to a beach. Placing a fitted sheet upside down on the sand, with heavy items in each corner, creates a beach blanket area with a small wall of fabric around it. This can be handy for picnics, helping to keep the food free from sand...

The one downside, perhaps, to fitted sheets is that they cannot be folded neatly as easily as flat sheets. But for most, this is at worst a very minor disadvantage, which is usually outweighed by the benefits mentioned above.



How To Use a Fitted Sheet Correctly

Using a fitted sheet correctly begins with choosing the right fitted sheet to fit the mattress on your bed. It is important to choose the right size of fitted sheet so that it fits smoothly over the mattress. This will make sure that it does not leave any wrinkles, or create a less comfortable sleeping environment. Remember to consider not only the top dimensions of the mattress but also its depth. If you have a particularly deep mattress (or are using a thick mattress topper) then you may need to ensure that the fitted sheet you buy can cover that depth. At Sleep Organic, our fitted sheets are designed for mattresses up to 38cm in depth (in practice they can even fit a 42 cm depth). Due to its elasicated edges our fitted sheet will also snugly hug thinner mattresses so you don’t need to worry about getting that perfect fit.

The elasticated corners of a fitted sheet should be pulled down over and just underneath each corner of the mattress, to ensure that it remains properly in place. Simply start with one corner, then, making sure you have the fitted sheet the right way round, continue round the bed and tuck in each of the four corners in turn. As mentioned above, fitting a fitted sheet can be much quicker and easier than tucking in a flat sheet on your bed.

A fitted sheet should be washed regularly, just as you would wash any other sheet. It will be easy to care for. You will do doubt find that a high quality, eco-friendly fitted sheet is a good investment for your home.


Nisa Shah, co-founder Sleep Organic

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