Top Reasons To Love Organic Cotton - Sleep Organic

Top Reasons To Love Organic Cotton - Sleep Organic

Choosing organic cotton bedding from Sleep Organic is the right choice for you, for humanity and for our planet. It is also the most sustainable choice.

When we look at organic cotton vs synthetic fabrics, and organic cotton vs non-organic cotton, organic cotton wins out every time.

Top reasons to love organic cotton

To help you understand exactly why it is such a good idea to choose organic cotton bedding, Sleep Organic highlights the top reasons why organic cotton is so important.

These reasons show why when we buy organic cotton, it is a win for us, a win for the environment, and a win for people throughout the process and humanity as a whole.

Organic cotton is high quality

When you buy organic cotton, you may pay a little more. But the slightly higher price reflects  a far higher quality of product. Organic cotton bedding from Sleep Organic is not only 100% organic. It also offers you a worry-free, toxin free sleep environment, comfortable sleeping conditions and great skin feel appeal.

Is organic cotton durable?

High quality is not just about how the product is when you first make your purchase. Items of good quality last. When you buy organic cotton bedding, you are not just investing in now. You will be able to enjoy your new eco-friendly bedding for many, many years to come.

Organic cotton is good value for money and cost-effective

Organic cotton is durable and long lasting. When you care for it correctly, it will last a long time. This not only saves you money in the long run. When you invest in organic cotton sheets, it also helps you reduce consumption, since it will be a long time before you have to purchase new bedding for your home. And reducing consumption is one of the best things you can do to reduce your negative impact on our planet.

Sustainable Organic Cotton Production Lowers Carbon Emissions

Many of us understand the vital importance of cutting our carbon footprints and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Synthetic bedding of polyester and other plastic materials is derived from fossil fuels. And regular cotton farming can also generate high emissions.

CO2 emissions per hectare of organic agriculture systems are 48 to 66 percent lower than they are in conventional systems.


So by choosing organic cotton, you can cut emissions and help fight global warming.

Top reasons to love organic cotton bedding

Organic cotton production conserves water

Being water wise is important. Regular cotton production uses vast quantities of water each year. Organic cotton production can use far less, and means that water will not be polluted as it is in non-organic production.

The global average water footprint for just 1kg of cotton is 10,000 litres – as much as you might drink in almost 14 years! Sustainable organic cotton farms typically utilise less water, and make sure water is not polluted by harmful chemicals. The water pollution impact of organic cotton has been shown to be 98% less than 'standard' cotton production.

The organic cotton production process is free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides

In conventional cotton production, cotton is grown in large fields in conditions which require the use of a number of pesticides and herbicides – chemicals used to control pests and weeds. The way in which cotton is usually grown makes it necessary to use these harmful chemicals in order to achieve a good harvest.

'Regular' cotton uses more of these than any other farmed plants. Cotton accounts for 16% of global insecticide usage – more than any other single crop. Certified Organic cotton prohibits the use of all such chemicals, which is better for your health, and the environment.

Organic farming is better for soil health

We all rely on our soils. Sadly, around the world, between one billion and six billion hectares of agricultural land on our planet is already classed as degraded or seriously degraded. Conventional agriculture bares a large proportion of the blame.

Conventional cotton farms harm soils, polluting them with harmful chemicals and degrading them through poor practice over time.

However, organic cotton farms which implement no till and soil cover practices significantly reduce soil erosion and topsoil loss, and protect our soils, making sure that they can continue to support plant life, and feed and provide for us in the years to come.


When cotton is produced organically, wildlife wins

Sustainable organic farming practices also prevent harm to wildlife – so when you buy organic cotton bedding, you have helping to halt biodiversity losses and protecting all the creatures with whom we share our planet.

Organic cotton is free from toxic, chemical-based dyes

Organic cotton's eco credentials don't end on the farm. When cotton is certified organic, this also means that the material is free from other toxins, and chemical-based dyes. This is also far better for your heath, and the health of others worldwide and for the environment.

Organic farming protects farmers' health

Many non-organic farmers die or experience poor health each year due to the impacts of the pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Organic production keeps farmers safe.

Workers' rights are protected by GOTS organic certification and Fairtrade

Looking for the right certifications on organic cotton bedding means that you can also rest easy, knowing that workers are being treated fairly. When you buy organic bedding, do workers had to suffer to give you a good night's sleep.

Dr Chris Murphy, co-Founder, Sleep Organic

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