Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Organic Bedding in 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Organic Bedding in 2023

Sleep Organic in 2023!

Organic cotton bedding is one of those things that really can make a massive difference in your home. 2023 - a new year and a time to think carefully about the impacts of our actions, and make sure that our living spaces are as healthy, happy and as sustainable as can be.

Investing in organic bedding is an excellent choice, which really will pay off in a range of ways. Here are Sleep Organic's top 5 reasons why you should invest in organic bedding in 2023:

  • For your own comfort and a good night's sleep
  • For a healthy life and healthy home
  • To curb your negative impact
  • To do the right thing for people
  • And to help ensure a sustainable future for all life on our planet

Organic Bedding Is High Quality and Comfortable

In a time when we are facing crises on multiple fronts, and often leading lives that are busier than ever before, a good night's sleep can be hard to come by.

Choosing high quality and comfortable organic cotton duvet sets and wool bedding from Sleep Organic can certainly help you create a bedroom environment conducive to a good night's sleep. With a soft-skin feel, a high thread count, breathability, and no harmful chemicals, organic bedding offers the ultimate in comfort and calm.


Toxin-free Organic Bedding Is the Right Choice for a Healthy Life and Healthy Home

Free from toxins and unhealthy chemicals, pure organic cotton will help you breathe easier – improving the air quality in your home. If you have breathing issues like asthma or allergies, then organic bedding is an excellent choice.

The pure and unadulterated natural material will ensure no irritation to your skin, and help you sleep well for better health overall. Our physical and mental health has definitely come under strain in the last couple of years, so there is no better time to ensure that you are safeguarding your health, and the health of your family, and have a healthy home environment.


Organic Bedding Helps You Withdraw Support From Damaging Systems

The unprecedented health crisis we have recently faced has naturally dominated the news in recent years. But it's so important to bear in mind that the health crisis is just one of the crises we face. Climate change and biodiversity losses pose a huge threat to our health, livelihoods and way of life.

It's critical to remember that each and every thing we buy, and thing we do, has an impact on the wider world around us. Synthetic bedding and non-organic cotton bedding both take an immense toll on people and the environment. So by making the right choice and investing in organic bedding, we can make sure we are part of the solution, and not part of the problem.


Organic and Fairtrade Bedding Helps You Do Good For People

When harmful pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers are used in cotton production, this takes a toll on the workers in the field. And the resources used in growing cotton in non-organic ways can have a hugely negative impact on the people and communities living around the places where the cotton is grown.

When you buy Sleep Organic's certified organic cotton and Fairtrade bedding, you can rest assured that the farmers and surrounding communities are treated fairly, and stay safe.


Organic cotton

And Organic Bedding is the Right Choice for the Environment

Buying organic products saves lives – not just human lives but also the lives of the many other living creatures which share our planet. By avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, organic cotton farmers safeguard wildlife in their areas, and keep precious, vital ecosystems intact.

When you buy our organic cotton bed sheets, you are helping to tackle the climate crisis and halt biodiversity losses. You are becoming part of the sustainable future for all living things that we all wish to see.

These are just some of the main, key reasons why you should take the plunge and invest in organic bedding in 2023.


Dr. Chris Murphy, co-founder Sleep Organic

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