A Guide to Luxury Bed Sheets

A Guide to Luxury Bed Sheets

Choosing luxury bed sheets really will make a massive difference to your quality of life. Discover the benefits of investing in your bedding with Sleep Organic's Guide to luxury bed sheets.

To learn more about selecting organic cotton sheets that really will give you that sense of luxury and comfort, read on.

Why you should invest in organic cotton bed sheets

Organic cotton bed sheets from Sleep Organic are a great investment for a range of reasons. Not only are they the most sustainable choice, they also benefit you in a range of ways.

Breathability of organic cotton

One key benefit of investing in cotton bed sheets is that cotton is a natural fibre, which is breathable. It allows you to avoid feeling stifled and uncomfortable, keeping you cool and ensuring that your skin remains happy and healthy. Breathable natural fabrics really are essential for luxury bed sheets.

Untouched by harsh chemicals

But as some of you may already know, cotton can come at a high cost to people and our planet. Certified organic cotton sheets are a cut above – offering a sustainable solution and a healthier one. Organic cotton is untouched by harsh chemicals. So you can breath easy knowing that your investment is not only doing the right thing for nature, but also keeping your family safe. Going one step further, if your luxury bed sheets are also made from Fairtrade cotton you can have peace of mind that the farmers were treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve and were paid a fair price for their cotton harvest.

organic cotton sheets

Improved quality of sleep

Sleep Organic's 300 thread count sheets are perfect for your best night's sleep. We specifically choose 300 thread count to provide that luxury feel combined with optimal breathability. Higher thread counts result in a loss of breathability leaving you feeling overheated and clammy. 

With soft sateen or crisp and smooth percale weaves, our luxury flat sheets and fitted sheets, you can find the perfect option for any bed,  for summer and winter, keeping your temperature just right and conditions conducive to a perfect night's sleep.

What is the difference between a percale weave and sateen weave for cotton bed sheets?

One of the things to consider when choosing luxury bed sheets is the weave. This can have an impact on the appearance, the skin feel, and the properties of the bed sheets.

Percale bed sheets are made with a percale weave. This is a one-over, one-under weave where the vertical fibres are held under tension resulting in a smooth and slightly crisp texture. This creates a wonderfully refreshing feel, cooling against the skin, particularly on hotter nights.


Organic and fairtrade cotton sheets
Our sateen cotton bed sheets featuring a more relaxed sateen weave which is cosy and silky soft. Sateen sheets are great all year round, but do feel especially cosy on chilly nights.

What is the difference between a flat sheet and a fitted sheet?

Flat sheets are simple rectangles of material which do not have shaping on the corners and which can therefore be used on beds of non-standard sizes, or used above you in bed rather than as a base.

Fitted sheets have elasticated sections sewn into the seams at each of the four corners. This means that it will fit snugly over the mattress on your bed and will not shift or move as easily during the night. These sheets are commonly used as the base layer of bedding – covering the mattress, sometimes with a mattress protector beneath.

How to wash your organic cotton

Top tips for caring for luxury bed sheets

Luxury bed sheets should be washed regularly. But you should always adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly laundry routine.

  • Wash at a low temperature whenever you can. Organic cotton bedding can withstand hot washes. But when you have invested in luxury bedding, you want to make sure you are taking care of it and keep it in use for as long as possible. Wash gently, at low temperature, and you're not only making a sustainable choice, but your sheets will last longer too.
  • Avoid introducing allergens and toxics through your laundry routine. Wash luxury bed sheets with gentle, natural, eco-friendly options like Castile soup, soap nuts or bicarbonate of soda recipes for example.
  • Tumble drying organic cotton bed sheets won't hurt them. But you can reduce energy use and prolong their life by line drying whenever possible. UV light helps kill off micro-organisms and reduces hanging out your organic cotton bedsheets often means they won't need ironing, thereby reducing wear and tear.

If you take good care of your luxury bed sheets, they will serve you well for years and years to come. Happy sleeping!

Nisa Shah, Sleep Organic co-Founder

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