4 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

4 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is on 22nd March – the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is the perfect time to think about Mother Earth when buying a gift for your own mother! Here are four of our favourite sustainable gift ideas, for the eco-mums!

1. Choose house plants or herbs instead of cut flowers.

Cut flowers have a huge environmental impact. Most of the cut flowers available in supermarkets are grown in humid greenhouses and stored in cold warehouses. Controlling these temperature extremes requires a great deal of energy.

Cut flowers are usually imported from other countries, producing large carbon footprints. Why not opt for house plants or healthy herbs as a more sustainable and holistic way of showing your love and appreciation?

2. Choose Organic, Fairtrade and sustainable presents.

Give organic, Fairtrade and sustainably sourced presents and you’ll give a gift to Mother Nature as well as your mum. Recent evidence indicates more people are considering buying sustainable gifts for friends and family.

For luxurious and 100% certified organic and Fairtrade bedding, take a look at our organic bedding. We provide organic duvet sets, super soft bed sheets, luxury British handmade organic wool duvets and pillows. Or, leave it to mum by opting for a gift card. For the sweet-toothed, check out Green & Black’s with their delicious assortment of organic and Fairtrade chocolates.

3. Treat her to an experience instead.

Eco experiences can be a wonderful gift to treat yourself, your mother and family and Mother Earth. Eating at a café or dining at a restaurant that sources their produce locally will make a thoughtful and tasty gift. Of course, you can also cook mum a meal at home. Gardening workshops, sustainable spa retreats or nature-based memberships (e.g. National Trust) are also great options.

4. Donate on behalf of your mum to sustainable organisations.

There are mothers who might not want any more gifts, but would like to donate to environmental organisations. You can donate on behalf of your mother to an organisation like Soil Association, who are working to protect the environment and to take care of our big mother – Mother Earth.  

Nisa Shah, co-founder, Sleep Organic

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