Why Organic Bedding is the Best Valentine's Day Present

Why Organic Bedding is the Best Valentine's Day Present

If you want to show your loved one how much you care, but wish to be less wasteful and care for people and planet, organic bedding is one of the best Valentine's day presents to consider.

But first, let’s take an historical stroll. Valentine's Day on February 14th, originally began as a Christian festival, honouring Saint Valentine, who was persecuted by the Romans and died in 269 AD. In the 14th and 15th Century, the day came to be associated with courtly love – perhaps due to the associations of 'lovebirds' in early spring. By the 18th Century, it became common for couples to express their love for each other by sending flowers, greetings cards or gifts on this day. This led to the modern, consumerist holiday that we know today.

Many still embrace the doves and love, hearts and hot-house flowers, mass-produced greetings cards and gifts of the holiday. But others are beginning to reject the more cynical, consumerist side to Valentine's Day, and seek to celebrate love in greener, more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable ways such as organic bedding.


Organic Bedding Helps You Give Experiences, Not Just Things

Increasingly, people are turning their backs on a throwaway consumerist culture. They are embracing real value – recognising the things the really matter and the things that really last. Sustainable products are great for those who want to do their bit for people and planet. But those who embrace sustainability know that buying less, as well as buying better, should be the order of the day. One major trend in sustainable gift giving is giving experiences rather than just giving things.

Buying the perfect organic bedding helps you gift experiences your loved one will remember. It does not matter whether you are in the first passionate flush of new love, or a comfortable couple who have been together for years. With delightfully soft, luxurious and comfortable organic bedding, you'll love to be in bed!

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Luxury Organic Duvet Sets Help You Spend More Quality Time Together

Quality time is crucial in any relationship, and organic bedding is a Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving. Rather than giving a one off gift that will be opened and then forgotten, why not give a gift that will help your relationship for years to come? A sustainable Valentine's Day should be all about thinking long term – not just upping the romance for a single day.

Luxury organic duvet sets don't just help you enjoy the time you spend in bed together, they can also improve your connection in a range of other long-lasting ways. For quality time, you both need to be happy, healthy and well rested – and choosing eco friendly organic cotton bedding can make sure you are. It can help ensure that you and your loved one are well rested, and well in body and mind. So you'll be able to be less stressed, and enjoy more quality time together.


Organic Cotton Bedding Helps You Set The Right Romantic Mood

Sustainable wooers are increasingly recognising that Valentine's Day should not be about spending a fortune on forgettable gifts. It should be about creating an ambiance – a romantic mood – so the relationship can flourish. It's about the little, real ways that you can show your loved one how much you care.

After a stroll out in nature, perhaps, and a lovely home-cooked meal using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, what could be better than retiring to the bedroom and snuggling up under the covers together? So why not get some new organic bedding for the perfect, luxurious feel, light some natural beeswax candles, and set the right mood for romance to bloom.


With Organic Bedding, You're Expressing Your Love For Mother Nature Too

This Valentine's Day, whether you are in a relationship or not, why not express your love for Mother Nature, and this amazing planet we call home? Choosing organic cotton bedding is an eco-friendly choice. It shows how much you care for the natural world, and the steps you are willing to take to protect it.

There are plenty of ways this Valentine's Day to reject harmful systems and practices, and to embrace a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. But no matter who you are and how you spend the day, organic bedding is just one excellent Valentine's Day present to consider.


Nisa Shah, co-founder Sleep Organic


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