How to care for organic cotton with love

How to care for organic cotton with love

I would like to share things to consider when caring for your beautiful organic bed linen!

You can rest assured that organic bedding is machine washable, so you don’t have to put a huge amount of extra effort when cleaning it.
We recommend using a natural, plant-based laundry detergent and ideally washing at 30-40ºC. Although less environmentally friendly, if you need to wash your sheets at 60ºC, then that is fine too. As with any material, repeated washing at higher temperatures will shorten the lifespan of your bedding.
Using bleach or whiteners is not recommended because it can damage fibres over time and diminish the depth and vibrancy of the colours.
We also recommend not using fabric softeners because they can reduce the absorbency of cotton textiles.

The ideal method to dry organic cotton bedding is to let it air dry (hang dry/line dry).
Avoid direct sunlight for excessive periods (it can cause fading or yellowing over time).
Sometimes a lack of space and temperamental weather may mean air drying is not feasible. In this case, you can use your tumble dryer. We suggest setting the cycle on low heat to avoid damage and shrinkage.
Remember that conventional cotton is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Organic cotton is not chemically treated, so in very high heat it is possible for the cotton to shrink more than 4%. However, due to the lack of harsh chemical treatment, organic cotton is less damaged, and therefore lasts longer than non-organic cotton if cared for properly.

If you choose not to iron your organic bedding, you will save time, money and help the environment. Having said that, we appreciate our natural organic sheets may crease more than commercially manufactured crease-resistant sheets which have been treated with harsh chemicals to achieve this effect.
So for those of you who love their freshly pressed sheets, it’s best to iron your bedding while it's still damp.
Don’t use starch as it may dry out the fabric and causes the threads to fray.
We recommend ironing along the seams and edges to maintain straight and elegant lines.

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