3 Duvet Sets to Brighten Your Bedroom

3 Duvet Sets to Brighten Your Bedroom

Choosing a luxurious 100% organic cotton duvet set for your bedroom is not just a great choice in practical terms. Of course, it is the right choice for the planet too. But more than this, our three beautiful designs are perfect for bedroom décor. Light, bright, beautiful and understated, these three duvet set designs can really help to set the right, relaxing tone for interiors in any style. 

Aesthetics might not be the most important thing. But the look of your bedroom does make a difference. Whether or not you expect anyone to actually see them other than you, choosing beautiful bedding can help turn your bedroom into the relaxing haven you deserve. Choosing bedding which blends in harmoniously with other elements of interior design can make the space feel more restful, and importantly for your health and wellbeing it can help you get a good night's sleep.


Double Cord Line Sateen Duvet Set

Soft, smooth and chic, this simple design shows pure, white 100% organic cotton offset by clear, clean double cord lines. Choose this beautiful duvet set and you can show your refinement and taste. The cord line options are beautiful moonlight silver, regal gold and emerald green, to match a refined décor colour palette. The overall look is reminiscent of traditional fine French linens.

The clean, crisp lines of the design look wonderful in a paired-back modern bedroom, and can also add a sense of order and calm in a more extravagant space, where the lines can pick up a colour thread from a wall, other furnishings, or accessories, or even plants, within the room. 

Cord line duvet sets


Piping Edged Percale Duvet Set

Our second delightfully bright and understated option is our duvet set with its piped edge detailing. The light, bright organic cotton of this duvet set also brightens up a space, and sits comfortably in any room, decorated in any style. The edges of this percale weave duvet set are edged with practical and attractive piping in enlivening tones of navy blue, manor grey and earth red

This sleek and simple design is perfect for a clean, contemporary design. Its practicality and simplicity means that it can work well in bedrooms with a wide range of styles. The simple detail of the piping around the edge can speak to other elements within the room, helping to blend everything together and creating a harmonious, and calming feel. 

Piping duvet cover and pillowcase


Lavender Embroidered Duvet Set in Sateen Cotton

If you like a little detailing to bring nature into your bedroom, then this beautiful embroidered duvet set design could be the perfect one for you. Available in a soft and silky sateen weave, our lavender duvet set is perfect for those who would like a natural look and feel. 

Lavender is of course a herb well known for aiding sleep. And this beautiful duvet design can aid sleep too. Again, the pure, bright white bedding is offset by an attractive embroidered design – just enough detailing to add personality and bring nature to mind – not more than is required. This elegant floral design will look wonderful in many different bedrooms, in many different homes. 


Choose one of our three beautiful duvet set designs and your bedroom will shine. Light, bright and beautiful in their simplicity, these are three designs which allow their natural organic nature and high quality to shine through. 

These luxurious, high quality duvet sets are made to last. They are manufactured to the very highest quality, with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. And the simple visual appearance of the designs means that their appeal will not fade. 

Whatever other elements in your bedroom you change, they will still look great and be in keeping with your bedroom décor. They are fad free and untied to passing trends, so will not need to be replaced as soon as other designs may be. Their subtlety and charm means that they will fit in well through any changes you might choose to make. 

So if you want your bedroom to be beautiful, bright, and truly the best it can be, choose one of our stunning organic duvet sets today. 

Nisa Shah, co-founder, Sleep Organic

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