2020 Vision Needed Now!

2020 Vision Needed Now!

People who are seeing irreversible climate change as the biggest challenge they are facing, more so than terrorism, access to healthcare or unemployment, have 2020 vision.

As global warming increased, people and ecosystems experienced the climate change; and the change is very visible - from the hurricane-ravaged coasts, catastrophic bush fires in the Amazon,  California and Australia to the fast-warming Arctic. People are alarmed, and rightly so.

"The moment of crisis has come" in efforts to tackle climate change, Sir David Attenborough has warned.

Scientists named 2019 Earth’s second-warmest year on record, making the last decade our warmest. Indeed, eight of the ten warmest years since measurements began occurred this decade, and the other two warmest were only a few years earlier.

Is that not enough to accelerate our action for improving and making a commitment, and not just comments?

 What is sustainability 2020 vision for you as an individual?

 “I want to become a conscious consumer in 2020. I will only make positive purchases, I will buy less, only buy environment friendly products, I will upcycle and recycle more, I will consume plant based food more, I will cut down on meat, I will decrease my personal carbon foot print etc.”

That’s wonderful, but is it enough?

 Or some will say…

“I can’t afford sustainable and organic products or electric cars? I am not sure what I can do for the climate.”

And now our climate is at a crisis point and needs urgent collective big action.

Do you think just buying sustainable products and being vegan will be enough to save our climate and ultimately our planet?

 Collective action needed Now!

 Use your voice:

We have to level up our actions! So you can add your voice to the issues and decisions that are shaping our climate. Support and join the platforms that are actively working for the climate in your area, or country.

 Use your purchasing power:

Support companies driven by sustainability and committed to transparency throughout the supply chain. Your power as a consumer can be enormously impactful, so if you’re in the dark or unhappy with a company’s impact on the planet, make your voice known!

 Do climate advocacy:  

Changing group behaviour will have a bigger knock-on effect. Convince your school, company, health club, social club, sport club, leisure centre, and restaurant to adopt environmentally friendly options in their services.  

 Use your vote:

Make climate issues a priority on local, national and global levels – check the climate and environmental philosophy and track record of your candidates, vote for candidates with honest, ambitious, and convincing plans to protect our planet.

 Nisa Shah, Sleep Organic co-founder

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