Organic wool pillow; sustainable pillow
Organic wool pillow; sustainable pillow Organic wool pillow; luxury organic pillow Organic wool pillow; sustainable wool pillow; british wool pillow
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Luxury Handmade Organic Wool Pillows

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Our luxury soft-fill organic pillows are handmade in the UK from select finest quality organic British wool encased in a super-soft unbleached organic cotton cover. Rest your head on pure (and chemical free) comfort each and every night! The wicking properties of the wool fibres greatly aid moisture release leaving you feeling refreshed day in, day out.

Wool Care: Being made from natural fibres, it is recommended to 'plump up' your wool pillow daily to help maintain its shape. Occasional airing will also keep your organic pillow fresh and clean. 

  • Lovingly handmade and 100% Organic (GOTS-certified by Soil Association) 
  • Available in standard, king, and square sizes 
  • Free delivery and returns within UK
  • Need duvets?