Organic Pillowcases

Organic Pillowcases

Welcome to Our Extensive Organic Cotton Pillowcase Range

Our luxury organic pillowcases come in either a crisp and smooth percale, or a silky soft sateen weave, all made from 300 thread count long staple organic cotton. We offer an extensive range of original design organic cotton pillowcases - choose from piping to cord line to fun animal (cat, dog, bunny, robin) or lavender embroidered. We offer regular, square and king size Fairtrade certified eco pillowcases in either standard or Oxford finishes.

What is the difference between an Oxford pillowcase and a standard pillowcase?

Standard pillowcases (sometimes referred to as 'housewife' pillowcases) have sewn edges; whereas Oxford pillowcases have an additional decorative fabric border, typically 5 to 7cm in width, around each pillowcase edge.  

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